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What to do in Pokhara - lakeside

What to do in Pokhara, Nepal: 9 tips

Pokhara is the outdoor capital of the world. Surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the world and tons of hiking trails, it shouldn’t come as a surprise: people visit this town for mountain adventures. And so did we! But we decided to stick around and get to know the city some more. So if you’re unsure what to…

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National park Plitvice Jezero

Visiting Plitvice lakes: must do or overrated hotspot?

Chances are, you know about the Plitvice lakes in Croatia. And no wonder this national park in the central part of Croatia is popular because it’s a stunning piece of nature. All those waterfalls and magnificent lakes… But it is also a place that is incredibly busy, even outside the high season. So, is visiting Plitvice lakes worth your while?   A…

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6 redenen waarom je nu naar de Vesterålen moet

6 reasons to visit Vesterålen NOW!

It may not come as a surprise that the northern part of Norway is the place to be when you’re into nature, peace, and quiet. You might even have heard of the Lofoten islands being a must visit. But chances are, nobody told you about Vesterålen yet! And that’s a real shame if you ask me. This archipelago is located…

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Review Trono

Review | Always be comfortable with a Trono

Whether you’re planning on spending a day at the beach or going camping for a week, nobody likes carrying around those folding chairs. But, if you want to be a bit comfortable during your stay, you have to. Right? The Amsterdam based start-up Trono came up with a solution: an inflatable chair that you can take anywhere and that is ready…

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Viewpoint op Mallorca

6 reasons to visit Mallorca

Chances are, you’ve heard about Mallorca’s shady reputation as a party island. During summer, the beaches around Palma de Mallorca are packed with teenagers and twenty-somethings looking to party. If that’s not something you’re into, you might think about skipping the Balearic island altogether. But don’t! Because you’ll miss out on all the awesome things the island has to offer, besides…

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De hoogste berg van Slovenië Triglav

Hiking in Triglav National Park in Slovenia

Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination; each year more and more travelers are visiting this beautiful country. If you’ve ever been there, you can probably imagine why. Are you planning a trip to Slovenia soon? You might want to consider skipping those touristy hotspots like Lake Bled and Bohinj and head out to the stunningly beautiful Triglav…

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Wildkamperen op het strand

10 tips for your first wild camping trip

Going on a wild camping trip… Ultimate freedom for some, but hell for others. If you would have told me ten years ago I would enjoy going hiking with my tent in my backpack and spending the night in nature, I would have thought you were crazy. But things change! Now I find (wild) camping one of the best things…

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Het graffitistraatje in Gent ontdekken

Must do in Ghent: SORRY NOT SORRY street art tour

Last summer we spend a weekend in the Belgium city of Ghent. We had some great, sunny weather and therefore loved to stroll through the city. During our walk through the city center, we found out that there is a lot of street art to be found. Not only in the famous graffiti street in Ghent but everywhere throughout the…

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