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Test Gaston Luga bag

Review: traveling with a Gaston Luga bag

Your big backpack or suitcase is essential during traveling. But it’s not always the best thing to carry when you’re exploring the jungle, going shopping or when you’re just being lazy on the beach… That’s where the bags from a stylish new Swedish brand come in! We got to try one of the Gaston Luga bags and we must say,…

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6 redenen waarom je nu naar de Vesterålen moet

6 reasons to visit Vesterålen NOW!

It may not come as a surprise that the northern part of Norway is the place to be when you’re into nature, peace, and quiet. You might even have heard of the Lofoten islands being a must visit. But chances are, nobody told you about Vesterålen yet! And that’s a real shame if you ask me. This archipelago is located…

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Viewpoint op Mallorca

6 reasons to visit Mallorca

Chances are, you’ve heard about Mallorca’s shady reputation as a party island. During summer, the beaches around Palma de Mallorca are packed with teenagers and twenty-somethings looking to party. If that’s not something you’re into, you might think about skipping the Balearic island altogether. But don’t! Because you’ll miss out on all the awesome things the island has to offer, besides…

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Loy Krathong en Yi Peng

Loy Krathong: the festival of water

It might be one of the most impressive celebrations in Thailand: Loy Krathong! Thousands and thousands of lights lit up the skies and the rivers in numerous cities and villages all across Thailand. But the best place to experience all the festivities is celebrating Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai! All those lights make this festival something special if you’re visiting…

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