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Nice to meet you! We're Juul and Britte, two Dutchies traveling the world and living by our tagline: just get out there! We travel both the beaten and off the beaten tracks looking for the most beautiful places this world has to offer. Armed with our backpacks, camera, and laptops we discover new places. On dutchies-abroad.com we write about our adventures and encounters. From a diary-like blog describing our trip up a mountain to list with top places to eat and from a guide on how to plan your world trip to tips to improve your own Insta-shots: on our blog, you'll read everything, a (world)traveler wants to know.

We're excited to share our experiences with you, inspire you to enjoy your own trips to the max and take you with us to the most awesome places this earth has to offer. But we also care about your opinion. So if there're any questions you might have please do share! Follow the button below and fill in the form.

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The gorgeous nature with lot’s of awesome hiking trails, the cozy villages where you can walk around for hours and the laidback capital are just a few reasons why we love Slovenia that much. Want to learn more about one of our favorite countries? Check out our blogs about Slovenia.

Norway is no cheap destination to travel to, but please don’t let that stop you! Because it’s nature more than makes up for it. And there are plenty of ways to travel to Norway on a budget. By wild camping for instance! Read more about Norway in our blogs.

Sweden is, like Norway, the place to be for outdoor adventures. With her numerous forests, lakes and hiking trails, this country will never bore you. Not into nature much? Luckily the Swedish cities have plenty to offer too! Check our blogs about Sweden.

Thailand is the ultimate destination for backpackers. The bustling cities, gorgeous beaches, delicious food and friendly people keep us coming back to this awesome country. Check out our blogs about Thailand.

Nepal: the country with the highest mountains in the world ánd the option to spot wildlife in the jungle. A destination where culture and nature meet, where everything is possible and that you’ll probably never get enough of.

Cape Verde is an African destination that differs from the mainland. On each of the nine inhabited islands, there’s something else to do. You can relax on the beach, do challenging hikes in lush green mountains or experience authentic Cape Verdean culture in the cities.

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